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We are looking for individuals with a high level of work ethic and initiative – Trainers that can be relied upon to work independently and remotely from home. Years of dog handling experience is not required, but some experience does help.


Formal training is provided FREE of charge at our main headquarters facility in VA. Your only INVESTMENT is to provide your own airfare, lodging, and a rental car to the facility and purchase kennels to use at your home for board and train dogs. Partial reimbursement of this expense will be provided after 12 months of employment. The training course certifies you as an official Off leash K9 Trainer!

Out the gate, you will be making more than the dog trainer industry standard.

Job responsibilities: Responsibilities include, but not limited to, interacting with clients and potential clients in a professional matter. Answering emails and phone calls from clients in a timely manner. Learning, implementing, and reinforcing training methods taught by Off Leash K9 Training. Cleaning and sanitizing equipment throughout the day. Taking the dogs outside to relieve themselves multiple times per day. Using computers, phones, cameras, and other technology to document individual dog progress, check in with franchise owner, and communicate with clients, as needed. Working one on one with individual dogs and their owners. Learning and recognizing dog behaviors. MUST be able to board and train dogs from home. Training 2 dogs at a time is considered full-time. Conduct private one-on-one lessons at a local park with client and dog.

Qualities sought: Outstanding work ethic, A high level of customer service, Professional with customers and clients, Efficient and effective communication, Reliable, Dependable with good initiative, A positive attitude, Excellent time management skills, An ability to use and understand computers, phones, and cameras, Excellent written and verbal skills.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact Tom at [email protected].


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